Lent is Just 2 Weeks Away! Are You Getting Ready?


We’re now a couple of days into Septuagesima season and 2 weeks away from Ash Wednesday. I just wanted to give some quick advice about choosing what to do for your Lenten penance and schedule, courtesy of one of the priests who comes to do the Traditional Latin Mass for us on Sundays. When praying about making the most of your Lent, consider these tips:

  1. Giving up one thing you like.
  2. Picking one vice that you struggle with and making the honest effort to crush it.
  3. Adding one extra prayer to your daily routine. It could be as simple as saying a short prayer like the Memorare daily.
  4. Adding one extra spiritual reading to your daily routine. And if you don’t already do spiritual reading daily, Lent is a great time to begin. You could start with one and then if you can, gradually add another as Lent goes on.

This past Sunday, another priest that comes to us gave an excellent question to reflect on once Lent is over: Am I closer to Christ now at the end of my Lent than I was at the beginning? So, make sure that what you do for your Lent will get you to that end goal. This is why prayer is so important in your preparation. Jesus will show you what you need to do.

I hope that the remainder of your Septuagesima is fruitful and gets you ready for a prosperous Lent! Let’s pray for each other as we approach Ash Wednesday.

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