July Devotion: Most Precious Blood of Christ

Last Thursday, July 1, was the Feast of the Most Precious Blood in the traditional rite. The entire month of July is therefore set aside by the Church as the month dedicated to this price of our salvation.

God loved us so much that He sent His only Son to quite literally give every drop of this Blood as expiation for our sins. In fact, His love for us was so great that He didn’t stop the work of our redemption at any of the times that Jesus’s Blood was shed before His crucifixion. We must keep in mind that He could have. Jesus is the Son of God. The shedding of His Blood is so powerful that the few drops that were shed at His circumcision would have been enough to save mankind. But circumcision is a normal Jewish custom. Using something normal and expected wouldn’t really have proved the immensity of God’s love for us.

The other instances of the shedding of the Precious Blood were more extreme and sacrificial (e.g. the Agony in the Garden, the crowning with thorns, and the scourging), but they still weren’t enough to show the true scope of God’s love. He wanted to say to us, “Look and see. I love you so much that I will give EVERYTHING for you, to the point of giving My Son over to death.” He didn’t have to go that far. But He did because that’s how much He loves us.

The Blood of Christ is the price of love. It’s worth our adoration and respect because EVERY DROP was given to save us when really only a few would have been sufficient. Remember that. During this month, recite the Litany of the Precious Blood, multiple times if you can. And thank God every day for that gift and for His love. You can also pray the Chaplet of the Precious Blood, which can be found here.

Blood of Christ, save us!

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