Holy Saturday: Waiting at the Tomb

It can be tempting on this day to jump straight to Easter. But it’s important to take this day to meditate on the Lord’s Passion and Death and wait prayerfully for the Resurrection. On this day, Christ descended to the gates of hell in order to free those who died a just death under the Old Law, finishing the task of redemption and bringing them to the salvation won by His Death. But He is still not with us here on earth, His Death having deprived us of that grace. Therefore, we must still observe what Christ told us in Luke 5:35: “But the time will come when the Bridegroom is taken away from them (the disciples), and then they will fast in those days.” Good Friday and Holy Saturday are the initial days Christ refers to, but He also refers to the time from the Ascension until their deaths.

Thus, Holy Saturday should be spent in fasting and meditation, although the mood may be lighter than that of Good Friday. We must unite ourselves in waiting with our Blessed Mother, St. John, St. Mary Magdalene, and the others who were present at Christ’s Crucifixion and desire to comfort them in their sorrow.

Christ’s triumph will come, and Holy Saturday does have a mood of anticipation, but it is important to not skip over the importance of what happened on this day. At the Easter Vigil, which should not take place before nightfall, we will hear the Exultet proclaimed and our anticipation will reach its climax. Until then, let us remain at the tomb.

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