These last two weeks of Lent are traditionally known as Passiontide, a time where the Church enters even more deeply into contemplation of the Passion and Death of Christ. This week, the fifth week of Lent, is known as Passion week and every day of the week is preceded by the word ‘Passion.’ This week is an opportunity to prepare ourselves in earnest for Holy Week, preparing our hearts and minds for the road to Calvary and the Death of Our Lord. In the Mass, the Glory Be’s are taken out during this two-week period to remind us of the dishonoring of the Trinity through the persecution of the Person of Christ. It is an even more austere and somber time than the rest of Lent as we prepare to celebrate the mystery of our redemption.

During this time, we should delve more deeply into meditating on the Passion and Death of Christ and working even more on self-denial in order to accompany Him in spirit on His way to Calvary. The Stations of the Cross are a great aid in meditation, as are the Seven Sorrows of Mary. Even though the latter do not all pertain to Christ’s Passion, they help us enter into the spirit of abandonment to the will of God and self-denial that is needed to walk with Christ on the road to Calvary, especially when we encounter suffering in our own lives.

A blessed Passiontide to all of you and may we all persevere in entering more deeply into the mystery of Christ’s Passion and Death and celebrate it with pure hearts so as to enter into the Easter season with true joy.

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