Now What? A Catholic Response to the New Administration

Yesterday was both a tragic and happy day in American history. Tragic because we know the incoming administration will undo all of the good things that our former president did during his time in office, most notably all of the pro-life measures that were previously put in place will reportedly be struck down by new executive orders. And the many other policies that our new president will look to put in place seem to undermine our very values as a country and may very well begin a free fall into socialism. And this will wreak havoc on religious liberty, particularly for Catholics (although the man who will become president claims to be Catholic, his stance on things like abortion and gay marriage says otherwise).

But yesterday also had a note of happiness. For Catholics in America, now is our opportunity to show our zeal and love for Christ and His Church. Being a Christian was never meant to be a comfortable life. And maybe, as a priest that we had this past Sunday said to us, if our government had stayed the same, we would not have been pushed to rise up and be the Christians we are called to be. We need to be put out of our comfort zones in order to let Christ take over in our lives so that we can grow in His love. If we get too comfortable we can become lukewarm and that’s not what God wants for us. He wants us to be on fire with love for Him so that we can be happy with Him forever one day.

Now is the time that we need to reflect and think about what we truly want people to see about us and our faith. Are we going to crack under the pressure and go with the crowd out of fear? Or are we going to stay strong and stand up for the Truth that is Christ and His Church? In the meantime, we need to pray for this administration and for our country.

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