For Unto Us a Savior is Born: Merry Christmas!

*Although this may not be a Holy Day of Obligation this year because of dispensations due to COVID, please make a serious effort to attend Mass. Other than Easter, this is one of the most important days of the year. It is the day of the birth of Our Savior and we owe Him our adoration and our time most especially on this day.*

He’s here. After 4 weeks of preparation and waiting, our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, is born! The little Baby, looking so tiny and helpless in the manger, is the Almighty God come to save His people. His poverty and humility are astounding. What can we take from this? Sit with the Nativity scene for a while and reflect. Presently, the Christ Child cries, nurses, sleeps, and does everything else a newborn baby does. But He is God. When He grows up, He will save His people by dying for them. But right now, He is just a helpless infant. And coming to us in this way is the primary way that He wants to teach us. We just have to listen.

Sure, the gifts you found under the tree this morning are nice. But the greatest Gift of all, which nothing can compare to, is what we celebrate today. Are you ready to listen to Him and accept what He comes to give and to teach us?

A couple of notes:

•The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary are said every day within the Octave of Christmas.
•Unlike the Octave of Easter, the Christmas Octave is not a privileged octave. This means that the feasts of saints and other solemnities may be celebrated on days within the octave and the Office for the Dead and Requiem Masses may be said during the octave. It also means that the obligation to abstain from meat is NOT lifted on the Friday within the octave.

I wish all of you a blessed and joyful Christmas season!

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