Some EWTN Homilies: Food for Thought

I recently saw two homilies on EWTN that addressed the current questions about Catholic teaching on homosexuality and also the responsibility of the leaders of the Church in shepherding their flock. This first one is from Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J., and it was his homily from last Wednesday. Whether it happened just providentially or by Fr. Mitch’s own choice, it seemed to be in direct response to the Vatican’s documentary which came out that same morning. You can watch it here. The homily starts around the 4:15 mark.

The next homily was from yesterday’s Mass and was from Fr. Joseph Mary, M.F.V.A. He reminded us of our duty to stand up for the Church’s teaching on marriage, family, and sexuality, and that this will be extremely important in our upcoming elections. He went on to lay out both the Democratic and Republican views on these topics and reiterate what the Church actually teaches about these things. You can watch that homily here.

Let us pray that the Church and her leaders will stand up for what Christ taught us and that our country will continue to uphold these values as well.

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