Happy Anniversary Lumen Fidei!

Last Friday, WordPress notified me that it was my one year anniversary with Lumen Fidei Ministries. Since it was Good Friday, I didn’t post about it so I’m doing that now.

I’ve really enjoyed doing this blog in the past year and I hope that I’ve inspired everyone that has come across it. I’d also like to thank YOU, my followers and readers, for supporting me and reading this content. I hope and pray that I can keep creating Catholic content faithful to the Church and Her teachings and inspire those who are already Catholic to continue holding fast to the Faith, as well as draw non-Catholics home to the Church. Please continue to pray for me and I will pray for you all as well. Your support means a lot to me, and please spread the word about Lumen Fidei as much as you can, as well as liking and sharing this blog here on WordPress as well as Facebook.

Here’s to another year and beyond of spreading the truth of the Catholic faith. Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever!

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