Holy Thursday and Entering into the Garden with Jesus

Now that we have completed the celebration of the Mass of the Lord’s Supper in most places and commemorated the institution of both the priesthood and the Eucharist that Christ gave to us out of love for us and to keep Him with us until the end of time, it is time to enter the Garden of Gethsemane with Jesus and prepare to accompany Him on His journey to complete that showing of love by His sacrifice on the Cross.

This year, overnight adoration vigils may resume in some places and even if we cannot attend, we can still unite ourselves to Jesus and reflect on His agony in the Garden in order to experience in some way what He went through during that period. We can meditate on the shedding of Blood that thinking of the sins of mankind brought forth from Our Lord and ask Him for the grace to have true contrition for our sins so that we can experience the same grief that He did at the thought of sin. We should also ask Him for the strength and grace to accompany Him spiritually on the way to Calvary so that we will not flinch and run away in fear as the Apostles, save for John, did.

It is almost time for battle. This will not be an easy journey and we must make ourselves ready to be with Christ until the end so that we can fully experience the joy of Easter Sunday.

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