Gaudete Sunday: He’s almost here!

Today we celebrate Gaudete Sunday, a day of joy in anticipation for the birth of Christ. Gaudete means “rejoice” and comes from the first word of the Introit for today’s Mass. This day is a reminder that we are halfway through our Advent journey and is a day of respite from our penitential preparations to remind us that the time of true rejoicing is near. We get a taste of the Christmas joy in order to give us the strength to finish off the remainder of our journey and keep pushing through the spiritual preparations we are making. The liturgy also has a bit more of a relaxed feeling and the organ may be played to accompany the singing.

It’s also a great day to look back and see how you’re doing with your preparations. If you’re not satisfied, it’s not too late to refocus and renew your resolutions. Ask God to help you strengthen your resolve and give you the graces you need to finish off your preparations in order to fully experience the joy of the Christmas season.

Happy Gaudete Sunday! Let us rejoice, for our redemption is near.

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