Introduction to ‘Societal Sickness: When Worrying about Leakers Contributes to the Culture of Death’

In the tagline for this site, I said that I would be bringing the light of the Faith to everyday issues and experiences. With such a mission, some of my posts will concern current events surrounding politics and other cultural and societal events and how Catholics should respond to them. I wrote this post about a White House staffer’s comments concerning John McCain and the response by conservative outlets that completely missed the mark about the real issue. I could never get it published and I feel it is something that should be brought to the attention of Catholics and other Christians. Now, I do tend to lean conservative and am not liberal when it comes to my political views. However, I am a Catholic first and foremost and there are some things that as a Catholic I cannot (and other Catholics cannot) just sit and watch happen without speaking up, whether it comes from conservative or liberal outlets.

I won’t go into too much detail now since I will publish the entire article after this, but I will mention that the said staffer commented that “his [John McCain’s] opinion doesn’t matter because he’s going to die anyway.” The insinuations in this comment are dangerous when we consider the culture of death that continues to spread and having someone in government who has these kinds of views is a major red flag (luckily she is no longer in the Trump administration). I hope that this paper will bring to light things that are often ignored by well-meaning people simply because they are Republican or Democrat. This may have happened a while ago, but the underlying issue will always be relevant until we turn back to God and follow His teachings no matter our political views.

As I am sure you all know, Sen. McCain has since passed. May he rest in peace.

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